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I just saw your posting on the AMSAT-BB, I'm glad that Yaesu is taking
this CAT business seriously. Just to throw my two cents in, I'd like to
share with you some things I'd like to see in any new CAT solution.

I do this because I develop radio control software for AMSAT, and I have
to support all radio types, and get around their quirks!

For the record, none of the radio manufacturers have a perfect CAT
system. Some are better than others, and some are worse.

(A). A perfect system would be:

All radio functions available from the radio front panel should be
accessible in both a read and write form via the CAT.

Second best would be:

Read/Write frequency, both main and sub bands, VFO A/B, at any time and
whatever band is active.

e.g. read Main VFO B while VFO A is active.

Read/Write Mode, SSB etc

(B). Full support for Read/Write Frequency split, should have same
command sequence if in terrestrial or sat mode.

(C). To make the read freq. useful, the CAT should be active all the
time, and NOT lock the radio dial. This is how Kenwood and Icom do it.
Commands can come from the front panel or the computer at the same time.
For sat work this would mean you control say the RX from the dial, and
the computer controls the TX via the CAT.

(D) support more baud rates, 4800 is a bit slow nowadays.

(E) have a look at Icoms CI-V system, it's great you can control upto 4
radios on the same COM port. Kenwood should do this too!

Anyway if you could at least add this to the file, I'm sure that future
Yaesu owners would appreciate the above, otherwise they will just have
to admire the Icom/Kenwood owners.

Best Regards
Paul Willmott, VP9MU