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Re: What is the best equipment?

Just to add my .02 worth:  This is taken from "Working the Easy Sats" 
by Gary B. Rogers WA4YMZ

"Note to my No-Code readers:  Don't worry that you don't normally 
have access to the HF bands.  You aren't transmitting on 10m, the 
satellite is, and the sponsoring group is responsible for meeting the 
licensing requirements for HF.  Think of it as using someone else's 

John KM5EX

On  9 Jun 98 at 10:51, Blank Blank wrote:

> Hello.  In response, RS-12 has a 2 meter uplink and a 10 meter
> downlink. Since anyone can RECIEVE any frequency, and a tech or
> higher can transmit on 2 meters, a Tech CAN work RS-12.  If I too am
> wrong, please let me know, I also enjoy learning. Learning often
> comes in handy.
> Dan Kurry  KE4SSB
> CoolTrumpet@Juno.com