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RE: What is the best equipment?

At 08:21 PM 6/8/98 -5, you wrote:

Bruce, you don't need an Advanced or Extra ticket to work RS-12, you need a
General ticket. 

I also was very appalled at your comment of "why upgrade your license?" Any
one that talks about upgrading their license, should be encouraged not
discouraged. A General or higher ticket, offers much. Satellites are a
great part of Amateur Radio, at the same time HF is a much bigger part of it. 

I have been and am still very interested in satellites, I have spent
thousands and thousands, to wait for a bird to pass in range to make a
contact, it's great fun and I have learned a lot. But when a fuse blows or
the computer crashes, your done, till it's fixed, if it can be.

A general or higher can turn on a $50.00 Heathkit DX-60B and toss a hunk of
wire in a nearby tree and work the world.

Please check your facts.

73 Dave

>> My name is Daniel Kurry, KE4SSB.  I have been a ham since 1994 but never 
>> really became involved.  I am considering upgrading my no-code technician 
>> license and working the satellites.  If anyone has recommendations as to 
>> the BEST equipment, or software, please let me know your opinion.
>why upgrade your license? of course for hf that is a great idea. but 
>you can use all the satellites up there right now except for rs-12 
>which requires either an advanced or extra license.
>as i said in the email i sent to you when you first asked, go to the 
>amsat web site and browse the information that is there.  it should 
>answer most if not all of your questions.
>there are also links to other amsat sites around the world with more 
>personally, i prefer to use instant track because i can control my 
>rotors on a 8088 computer or higher. sometimes i have used a little 
>one floppy 8088 laptop at field day to control the antennas. this 
>program can be purchased along with your membership to amsat.
>for logging, pda's logic 5 is superb. not only can you track all the 
>satellite awards but also hf awards. it links to the internet and the 
>dx cluster to monitor spots. etc etc etc. you can get a demo version 
>of it from http://www.hosenose.com
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