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Re: What is the best equipment?

> HI, I'm new to this satellite game too.  I have two things to add to this
> particular discussion.  First, you don't need an advanced or extra for that
> portion of 10m, you only need general or above.  Second seeing how you need
> general or higher to operate on 29 MHz, how can we get away with using RS-12.

let me set things straight. i had forgotten that rs-12 is in 15m up 
and 10m down as well as 2m up and 10m down. when it is in 15m up only 
and the 2m uplink is turned off, the 15m portion of the band ***is*** 
in the advanced and extra portion of the band for uplinking.

as one other person pointed out, you do not need any license to 
listen to the satellites. i was more under the impression that asking 
about the best equipment etc was to operate on these satellites 
rather than simply listen.

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