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RE: License is done, now what (equipment)??

Since I don't use the LEOs (low earth orbit) satellites much anymore, I sometimes
confuse the various RS sats, however, I believe RS12 has a 15 meter input (in the Advanced
portion of the band) and an output on 2 meters. If that is the case, then you would need
an Advanced or Extra Class license in order to use it. As to the other satellites, your only
concern should be that you have privileges on the frequency you are transmitting on. It is
quite legal for a Tech to transmit on 2 meters even though the signal is being retransmitted
(by the satellite) on say 10 meters. 

73, Bob, KG7WC

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Subject: 	License is done, now what (equipment)??

Now that the license situation is taken care of, nobody answered the
question of the BEST equipment, (HF rigs, antennas, multimode/multi-band
radios, ...etc.)???

Dan Kurry  KE4SSB

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