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Re: What is the best equipment?

Hello.  In response, RS-12 has a 2 meter uplink and a 10 meter downlink. 
Since anyone can RECIEVE any frequency, and a tech or higher can transmit
on 2 meters, a Tech CAN work RS-12.  If I too am wrong, please let me
know, I also enjoy learning. Learning often comes in handy.

Dan Kurry  KE4SSB

On Tue, 09 Jun 1998 09:51:24 -0400 Robert Smith <kb2rxn@sprynet.com>
>HI, I'm new to this satellite game too.  I have two things to add to 
>particular discussion.  First, you don't need an advanced or extra for 
>portion of 10m, you only need general or above.  Second seeing how you 
>general or higher to operate on 29 MHz, how can we get away with using 
>It's ok for a tech or tech plus to use a cross band repeater as long 
>as the
>repeater's trustee is of a higher class, but a satellite is not a 
>therefore you must conform to your own operating privileges.  This is 
>how I read
>the rule for not operating outside your own privileges.  If anyone can 
>point me to
>the page that states otherwise, please, I'm open to learning.  I too 
>would like to
>operate RS-12 without violating my license class.
>Bert McClellan wrote:
>> Bruce Paige wrote:
>> > why upgrade your license? of course for hf that is a great idea. 
>> > you can use all the satellites up there right now except for rs-12
>> > which requires either an advanced or extra license.
>> > 73...bruce
>> >
>> Hi Bruce,
>> Bad advice on RS-12. No special licence required to RECEIVE on 10 
>mtr.  A tec
>> can upload on 2 mtr and receive on 10 mtr as RS-12 can be worked.
>> Bert     N7TKO
>> Gold Bar, WA
>> > 
>> > Bruce Paige, KK5DO                         Internet: 
>> > Houston, Texas                                   or: 
>> > AMSAT Area Coordinator
>> > ARRL Official Bulletin Station, Awards Manager (WAS, 5BWAS, VUCC), 
>> > 10-X International Contest Committee Chairman
>> > Houston AMSAT Net - Tuesday, 8PM CDT on SBS 6, T3B, 6.2MHz at 74 
>> > Also affiliated repeaters in North America. Also available on Real 
>Audio at
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