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Re: What is the best equipment?

HI, I'm new to this satellite game too.  I have two things to add to this
particular discussion.  First, you don't need an advanced or extra for that
portion of 10m, you only need general or above.  Second seeing how you need
general or higher to operate on 29 MHz, how can we get away with using RS-12.
It's ok for a tech or tech plus to use a cross band repeater as long as the
repeater's trustee is of a higher class, but a satellite is not a repeater,
therefore you must conform to your own operating privileges.  This is how I read
the rule for not operating outside your own privileges.  If anyone can point me to
the page that states otherwise, please, I'm open to learning.  I too would like to
operate RS-12 without violating my license class.

Bert McClellan wrote:

> Bruce Paige wrote:
> > why upgrade your license? of course for hf that is a great idea. but
> > you can use all the satellites up there right now except for rs-12
> > which requires either an advanced or extra license.
> > 73...bruce
> >
> Hi Bruce,
> Bad advice on RS-12. No special licence required to RECEIVE on 10 mtr.  A tec
> can upload on 2 mtr and receive on 10 mtr as RS-12 can be worked.
> Bert     N7TKO
> Gold Bar, WA
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