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RE: What is the best equipment?

> My name is Daniel Kurry, KE4SSB.  I have been a ham since 1994 but never 
> really became involved.  I am considering upgrading my no-code technician 
> license and working the satellites.  If anyone has recommendations as to 
> the BEST equipment, or software, please let me know your opinion.

why upgrade your license? of course for hf that is a great idea. but 
you can use all the satellites up there right now except for rs-12 
which requires either an advanced or extra license.

as i said in the email i sent to you when you first asked, go to the 
amsat web site and browse the information that is there.  it should 
answer most if not all of your questions.

there are also links to other amsat sites around the world with more 

personally, i prefer to use instant track because i can control my 
rotors on a 8088 computer or higher. sometimes i have used a little 
one floppy 8088 laptop at field day to control the antennas. this 
program can be purchased along with your membership to amsat.

for logging, pda's logic 5 is superb. not only can you track all the 
satellite awards but also hf awards. it links to the internet and the 
dx cluster to monitor spots. etc etc etc. you can get a demo version 
of it from http://www.hosenose.com


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