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Re: The R&C Mir interview

Chris Edmondson, VK3CE wrote:
> G'Day and greetings from Downunder.
> Okay, I delayed it a bit, but a lot of people who read this reflector don't
> get to see my magazine. I apologise for the bandwith to those who may not
> be interested in this material, but I trust the rest of you will find it of
> interest. Please note that the wntire article is Copyright © 1998 to RADIO
> AND COMMUNICATIONS magazine, and permission should be sought from the
> author Chris Edmondson before using any part of it.

Hi Chris

Many thanks for share your fine interview with us!
It's probably the best thing I ever read about MIR!
And keeping in mind the way it was done, it sure is
a remarkable work! Congratulations!

Best 73 F.Costa, CT1EAT