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FT-736 & FT-847 CAT


I'd just like to let you know about The Station Program. This is a
ground station control program sold world-wide by AMSAT to raise funds
for satellite development. Station is not just a simple tracking
program, but also a very complete rotator and radio control system. It
supports Icom/Kenwood and Yaesu radios.

However I feel I must let you know that the Yaesu FT-736 and FT-847
radios have very bad CAT interfaces, particularly that you can't read
from the radio. 

With an Icom radio the user simply turns the radio dial and talks,
Station does the hard work of reading from the radio the up or downlink
freq., calculates offsets and Doppler, then sets the corresponding
frequency on the radio. This makes satellite operation as easy as HF. 

However this is not as easy with the Yaesu satellite radios; Yaesu
owners are crippled compared to Icom or Kenwood owners. The best
solution that we've found is to make a tuning slider on the computer
screen replace the radios dial. This is not an ideal solution.

I hope that you can get Yaesu Japan to re-think the CAT for the new
FT-847, but until that time I shall continue to recommend the users buy
either an Icom or a Kenwood, and stay away from the FT-847 and FT-736.

For more information about Station see:


Best Regards
Paul Willmott, VP9MU