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Mir Report (late)

Sorry the late report but it was a long weekend in Aust. and we went up
river on the boat for 3 days. Andy was on voice most all 3 days over the
weekend, he was saying goodbye and thanks to everyone for  making his
leasure time on Mir so enjoyable. I spoke with him this morning (Mon) at
about 01:00 utc (10:30 local time) from the boat and he described the
magnificent view he had of Sth. Aust. one of the clearest days he has
had looking at the Flinders Ranges, The reflection of the Murray River
and Adelaide. All the gear has now been loaded into the shuttle ready to
undock in a few hours time.
He said that this would probably be the last chance he would get to
speak on radio but would catch up shortly.  
                          73 de Tony....VK5ZAI.
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