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Re: Im lookihg for the serial number Nova For Windows 32.

Couldn't agree more ... NOVA is a fine ...fun program ... once you learn how
to update the Keps!!!! Give these guys a little something for their
expertise and effort ... it's not that much anyway...


Michael P. Olbrisch wrote:

> Sir:
>             The serial number for NOVA is different for every user.  I
> do not
> know of anyone who would give you their personal serial number, which
> would be traceable back to them.  The price of NOVA is not the issue
> here.
> If you do not support the programmer, the programs and updates will go
> away.  I believe if you are going to use the program, you should support
> the
> maker.  If you will not support the maker, then you are stuck with the
> DEMO VERSION, and its terrible points.  Flame me if you like, but
> Dr. Owen (who is on this list BTW) deserves his price.
>             Is anyone out there willing to compromise their software
> serial
> number and circumvent the meager profit that Dr. Owen gets for this fine
> program?
> Mike, KD9KC
> kd9kc@whc.net
> Marek Palarczyk wrote:
> >  Anybody help me? Im looking for serial number Nova for Windows 32. I
> > havent so many dolars to pay for license. Im interested ihis software
> > but demo wersion has some terrible
> > point.                                         73 from Marcin  SQ8ASD