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Re: Pirated callsign and e-mail.

   So both the "real" and the "fake" Daniel Kurry both used the same
first/last name in their Juno setup?  What an odd coincidence.

   So "Daniel" - which VE origanization gave your Tech test, and who are the
hams that signed off on it?

- Rich

On 07-Jun-98 Blank Blank wrote:
> My name is Daniel M. Kurry.  My callsign is KE4SSB. I am a No-Code
> Technician.  I have been a ham since 1994 and my license expires in 2004.
>  I have been monitoring this e-mail list and have discovered that both my
> callsign and e-mail address have been compromised. Apparently, someone
> got my password and chose my callsign to use for their personal games.  I
> have changed my password and will check into the callsign. I appreciate
> the way you guys look out for each other and take care of these things
> quickly.  I am currently writing this through my main screen name. I also
> use Brain 312@Juno.com.  I hope that "James Grey" will not continue these
> games with other people.  Once again, thank you for your help with this
> situation.  Any other information needed from me will be given on request
> through this e-mail address, "CoolTrumpet@Juno.com".
> Your information was correct.  I live in Margate.
> Thank you much.
> Dan Kurry  KE4SSB
> CoolTrumpet@Juno.com
> Brain312@Juno.com
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