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Re: New to Amateur Radio and Sattellites

Thanks for the information on the bandit?  I answered him thinking he was
legitimate.  I must admit it seemed strange that he left out his name, at
least in the first email.  In subsequent emails he added a name but as you
say it may not be who he says he is.

I noticed that he has the "tilde" character "~" in front of his name, which
is often used to designate "approximation".  I wonder if he is being
cleaver.  Maybe I am thinking about this too much too.  I hope we are all
wrong, I like to think these things don't happen.


At 10:52 AM 6/7/98 -0600, kc7ias@inconnect.com wrote:
>Blank Blank wrote:
>> Hello to all.  My name is James Grey.  My callsign is KE4SSB. I have been
>> a ham for about 6 years but never became too involved.  So far I have
>> only worked the 2-meter bands because I am a No-Code Tech.  I have
>> recently discovered the world  of Amateur Sattelites.  I am mainly
>> interested in weather and analog sattelites but I may work the digital
>> pacsats from time to time.  If anyone with experience has any
>> reccomendations for equipment, the best sats, or anything else that they
>> consider helpful to a "newby", please send it to me.  I would appreciate
>> it  greatly.
>> Thank you much.
>> ~James Grey
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>  Who is this masked bandit. Just a few fact you may want to think about
>before responding to "James Gray?" the fcc data base has ke4ssb issued to
>Daniel Kurry. He has been a ham for 6 years? the data base says he has been a
>ham for 4 years.????
>    just FYI  73 Steve
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