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Re: Pirated callsign and e-mail.

My name is Daniel M. Kurry.  My callsign is KE4SSB. I am a No-Code
Technician.  I have been a ham since 1994 and my license expires in 2004.
 I have been monitoring this e-mail list and have discovered that both my
callsign and e-mail address have been compromised. Apparently, someone
got my password and chose my callsign to use for their personal games.  I
have changed my password and will check into the callsign. I appreciate
the way you guys look out for each other and take care of these things
quickly.  I am currently writing this through my main screen name. I also
use Brain 312@Juno.com.  I hope that "James Grey" will not continue these
games with other people.  Once again, thank you for your help with this
situation.  Any other information needed from me will be given on request
through this e-mail address, "CoolTrumpet@Juno.com".

Your information was correct.  I live in Margate.

Thank you much.

Dan Kurry  KE4SSB

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