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Re: can't readback FT-847 frequency


Thank you for your very complete answer, but as you say, it was not the
answer I was hoping for.  In 1998 with the widespread use of computers and
more powerful controllers in the radio, I would have thought this feature
would be extremely easy.  Perhaps not for the 736 (made in 1987), but in
1998 it should be a no brainer.  If you learn anything further I think it
would be of general interest to the group here.  Although you did not say
so, I presume that you have one?  

Someone else here on the SIG sent me email saying that he is a Yaesu dealer
and he also will ask.  If I learn something, I will pass it along.


At 03:50 PM 6/7/98 +0000, Doug Howard - KG5OA wrote:
>Richard & -bb,
>I spoke with the Yaesu sales representative at the Arlington, TX Ham-Com
>convention about this very subject yesterday. Officially, he said that
>Yaesu had absolutely no intentions of fixing this problem with either the
>FT-847 or the FT-736R which has the same problem. When asked why, he stated
>that it didn't appear to significantly affect sales of either product.
>Personally, I thought this was a pretty snotty attitude for a major radio
>manufacturer to take, but that is just my opinion.
>He did go on to explain that a fellow named Chip (whose last name I can't
>remember) has communicated these problems to Japan and is in negotiations
>with them to try to get this problem fixed along with a few others. It
>appears that this Chip fellow is the American technical liason to Japan for
>Yaesu. The sales rep said that it has historically been very difficult to
>convince Yaesu Japan to change anything about the design of their radios
>unless it represents a negative affect on the sales of a particular
>product. So it looks like our hopes of getting this modification
>accomplished rests with the negotiation skills of Chip. I wish him the best
>of luck.
>Technically, this feature does not preclude any mode of operation that I
>know of. It would be nice for logging programs and other software
>functions. But as I told the Yaesu sales rep, I was surprised that they had
>not gone ahead and fixed the problem in the FT-847 after they made the
>mistake in the FT-736R and had received negative feedback about it on that
>radio. This is especially true since it would probably take a good sofware
>engineer just a few days to fix the firmware. Then they could burn the new
>PROMs and send them to the folks that requested them. Not a difficult thing
>when you think about it.
>"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat history" seems
>like an applicable quote.
>I don't think this is the answer that we were all hoping for, but it is the
>latest answer to your question that I can provide as of yesterday
>afternoon. Hope this is helpful.
>Doug - KG5OA
>At 06:54 AM 6/7/98 -0700, Richard Parry wrote:
>>A few weeks ago I saw a few email messages that discussed the inability of
>>the FT-847 to provide a computer with its current frequency.  In other
>>words, a computer can control the FT-847 but the FT-847 cannot provide the
>>computer with the information that it DID actually tune to that frequency.
>>I wonder if any FT-847 user has contacted Yeasu on this matter and was
>>there any possibility that there is a field upgrade planned or possible?
>>thanks in advance,
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