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Re: New to Amateur Radio and Sattellites

On 07-Jun-98 kc7ias@inconnect.com wrote:
>   Who is this masked bandit. Just a few fact you may want to think about
> before responding to "James Gray?" the fcc data base has ke4ssb issued to
> Daniel Kurry. He has been a ham for 6 years? the data base says he has
> been a
> ham for 4 years.????
>     just FYI  73 Steve

I already sent a complaint off to abuse@juno.com, regarding "CoolTrumpet"
misrepresenting himself as Mr. Kurry.  Is there anyone in the Margate, FL
area who would like to inform the real KE4SSB that his callsign is being

- Rich

Rich Mulvey                                         
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