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Re: New to Amateur Radio and Sattellites

Blank Blank wrote:

> Hello to all.  My name is James Grey.  My callsign is KE4SSB. I have been
> a ham for about 6 years but never became too involved.  So far I have
> only worked the 2-meter bands because I am a No-Code Tech.  I have
> recently discovered the world  of Amateur Sattelites.  I am mainly
> interested in weather and analog sattelites but I may work the digital
> pacsats from time to time.  If anyone with experience has any
> reccomendations for equipment, the best sats, or anything else that they
> consider helpful to a "newby", please send it to me.  I would appreciate
> it  greatly.
> Thank you much.
> ~James Grey
> CoolTrumpet@Juno.com
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  Who is this masked bandit. Just a few fact you may want to think about
before responding to "James Gray?" the fcc data base has ke4ssb issued to
Daniel Kurry. He has been a ham for 6 years? the data base says he has been a
ham for 4 years.????
    just FYI  73 Steve