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Re: can't readback FT-847 frequency

Richard & -bb,

I spoke with the Yaesu sales representative at the Arlington, TX Ham-Com
convention about this very subject yesterday. Officially, he said that
Yaesu had absolutely no intentions of fixing this problem with either the
FT-847 or the FT-736R which has the same problem. When asked why, he stated
that it didn't appear to significantly affect sales of either product.
Personally, I thought this was a pretty snotty attitude for a major radio
manufacturer to take, but that is just my opinion.

He did go on to explain that a fellow named Chip (whose last name I can't
remember) has communicated these problems to Japan and is in negotiations
with them to try to get this problem fixed along with a few others. It
appears that this Chip fellow is the American technical liason to Japan for
Yaesu. The sales rep said that it has historically been very difficult to
convince Yaesu Japan to change anything about the design of their radios
unless it represents a negative affect on the sales of a particular
product. So it looks like our hopes of getting this modification
accomplished rests with the negotiation skills of Chip. I wish him the best
of luck.

Technically, this feature does not preclude any mode of operation that I
know of. It would be nice for logging programs and other software
functions. But as I told the Yaesu sales rep, I was surprised that they had
not gone ahead and fixed the problem in the FT-847 after they made the
mistake in the FT-736R and had received negative feedback about it on that
radio. This is especially true since it would probably take a good sofware
engineer just a few days to fix the firmware. Then they could burn the new
PROMs and send them to the folks that requested them. Not a difficult thing
when you think about it.

"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat history" seems
like an applicable quote.

I don't think this is the answer that we were all hoping for, but it is the
latest answer to your question that I can provide as of yesterday
afternoon. Hope this is helpful.

Doug - KG5OA

At 06:54 AM 6/7/98 -0700, Richard Parry wrote:
>A few weeks ago I saw a few email messages that discussed the inability of
>the FT-847 to provide a computer with its current frequency.  In other
>words, a computer can control the FT-847 but the FT-847 cannot provide the
>computer with the information that it DID actually tune to that frequency.
>I wonder if any FT-847 user has contacted Yeasu on this matter and was
>there any possibility that there is a field upgrade planned or possible?
>thanks in advance,
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