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Re: MIR off air??

Aloha -

My TNC says at UTC 6/6/98 12:13:17 R0MIR sent their normal "Hello from the
Kristall Crew"

I neglected to listen for the pass a half hour ago....

73 - ted - nh6yk - BL11aj

from - "Ramon Santoyo V." <xe1kk@AMSAT.org>
>Last time I copy MIR was Saturday 6th at the +/- 0700 GMT pass. Nothing
>after that.
>73 de XE1KK
>At 04:04 PM 06/06/98 -0500, Rodney Isom wrote:
>>Tried to catch MIR on 20:50 ~ 21:00 UTC pass over southeastern US &
>>didn't hear a peep.  Have they been off the air or is my time (or
>>equipment) just messed up?
>>Rodney - KF4COV
>>Rodney Isom

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