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Re: Fw: Miles Mann and SSTV

Hello Jose,

I agree with you.  I sent a note to Frank, also.  I'm an inveterate SSTV
experimenter, was one of the first to do in on Oscar 10, Oscar 13 and also one
of the first with the shuttle.

There were a bunch of naysayers on those attempts also, but it was all cleared
with the operations officers at that time, and it worked very well....Some of
these dudes have some commercial interest connection, and they play that to
the hilt.....I'm sick of them.  This is our hobby, belongs to all of us, and
we'll continue to do our experimenting to whatever frequencies are
available....I've been in ham radio over 45 years, and some of these Johnny-
come-latelys give me a pain in the rectifier!

I'm a supporter of AMSAT, been active on all of the birds since Oscar 7, and
will continue to use available frequencies in conformance with existing band
plans, and tell these recent "intruders" to go peddle their hogwash elsewhere!

   73 Dave wb6llo@amsat.org

    Disagree; I learn.