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RE:L, S, K, Band assignments, does anybody know?

        Band designations; it's a mystery. As I noted in the article I
wrote for the AMSAT Journal, I have found at least 4 different designation
schemes, some more similar than others. The "Old JCS Band Designations" are
the closest to what has appeared to be the "accepted convention" from what
the AMSAT satellite and equipment builders call the bands and what
generally seems to be prevalent in the ham radio press. At least in the
past 20 years or so. The Old JCS also agrees with the MDL waveguide
frequency range designation. So that's the one I noted as most common.
Incidently, the "Official JCS Band Designations" don't even list an S band.
2-3 GHz is called "E" and 3-4 GHz is called "F". The "US Microwave Band"
list S as 1.55 to 5.2 GHz. These are from "Practical Microwaves" by T.S.
Laverghetta, Sams, 1984.
        Go figure.