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Re: Low audio from FT-847

Hi Lee

        As a fellow FT-847 owner I have run into this also.
I have quite a few headphones here that range in a wide
variety of impedances. Some of my phones sound fine
in this jack while others are low and distorted. I can only
conclude that the headphone jack on the FT-847 is very
impedance sensitive.
      Page 20 of the manual says "This jack's impedance
is optimized for use with 16 to 32 ohm headphone types."
      I get around this by using the speaker output on the
rear of the radio into my DSP-9 and plug the phones into
that. I prefer the Timewave DSP for Sat work anyway. 73.


At 08:09 AM 6/2/98, you wrote:
>     The audio from the front panel headphone jack is very low.  I have to 
>     crank the control way up to hear anything.  Audio from speaker is fine 
>     and the audio from the rear speaker jack is fine.  Appears to be only 
>     the headphone jack.
>     Anyone else run across this?  I think I have seen a post about it but 
>     I am not sure.
>     TNX and 73,
>     Lee, KJ4BF
>     lbarnett@claimsware.com