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Re: Low audio from FT-847

Santillo, John wrote:
> Hi Lee, I found out from Yaesu that the front  headphone plug of the
> FT-847 can only drive a 4 to 8 ohm load.    I use a Heil headset with a
> headphone impedance of 400 ohms.  I spoke to Heil and they offer 200 ohm
> replacement elements but that's not  going to be good enough.  For the
> time being I'm using an old DSP unit to buffer the output of the FT-847
> to the headset.  Both Heil and Yaesu stated that the other should revise
> their design to suit each others products.
> '73s

Consider going to Radio Shack and buying a audio transformer.  They
make them that transform 1000 ohms to 8 ohms.  That should bring the
400 ohms down to 3.2 ohms which will probably be a close enough
match.  If it works, it will be a very cheap solution.

John, W2FS