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Re: Iridium Flares

Great that so many of you are getting good results seeing the IRIDIUM
flare.  Your location is critical!  Do download the simple DOS program
from this location:
>From this menu driven program, you can predict where, when and at what
amplitude the flashes will occur.
Last night there was a -7 flash that could be seen here on the West Coast
even when the sun was one hour from setting!
It is SO refreshing to see simplicity in computer programs!!!
Cliff Buttschardt   K7RR

On Tue, 2 Jun 1998, Bill Richarz wrote:

> I must admit, I was a little bit skeptical about these flares.
> At 22:27 this evening there was one at 29 degrees elevation,
> and 61 degrees azmith from Charlotte, NC.  I went out and
> watched and waited.   I was rewarded with a -6 magitude flare.
> It went across the sky a bit slower than MIR and was visible
> for at least 8 seconds, peaking after about 4 seconds.
> It looks like there's another visible from my area at 21:16 EDT,
> elevation 62 degrees, and azmith 84 degrees.  Supposed to
> be a -5 magnitude, pretty bright, so if the sky is clear, you 
> shouldn't miss it.
> 73 de Bill, N4DH
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