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RE: Low audio from FT-847

Hi Lee, I found out from Yaesu that the front  headphone plug of the
FT-847 can only drive a 4 to 8 ohm load.    I use a Heil headset with a
headphone impedance of 400 ohms.  I spoke to Heil and they offer 200 ohm
replacement elements but that's not  going to be good enough.  For the
time being I'm using an old DSP unit to buffer the output of the FT-847
to the headset.  Both Heil and Yaesu stated that the other should revise
their design to suit each others products.     


John  N2HMM   

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	Subject:	Low audio from FT-847

	     The audio from the front panel headphone jack is very low.
I have to 
	     crank the control way up to hear anything.  Audio from
speaker is fine 
	     and the audio from the rear speaker jack is fine.  Appears
to be only 
	     the headphone jack.
	     Anyone else run across this?  I think I have seen a post
about it but 
	     I am not sure.
	     TNX and 73,
	     Lee, KJ4BF