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Seeking signal tapes for May 30 SkyQuest balloon

The SkyQuest hamradiosonde was heard all over the northeast Saturday
after being launched from the National Weather Service grounds in
Taunton, MA as part of the open house festivities.  (NWS assisted
in the effort, but SkyQuest is a 100% amateur radio project.)
Despite an apparent problem with the transmitter not radiating
anywhere near its expected signal power, the sonde's distinctive
stepped audio tones and morse IDs were heard for almost 2 hours
from New Hampshire and Vermont to eastern Pennsylvania and southern
New Jersey as confirmed by the HF net conducted by W1AW.
Because of the weaker than expected signals, SkyQuest is seeking
tapes that may have been made by some of you with nice el and az
yagis who were able to overcome some of the noise.  If we can acquire
a few tapes on loan, this would enable us to retreive some of the
temperature record that was sent back, and also possibly to define
the maximum altitude.
With about 30 checkins to the HF net alone, I'm sure a few of you
on this list might be able to help us out on this.  Please email
me if you can.
Hank Riley, N1LTV
AMSAT website balloon section maintainer