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Mir Internet Item

Greetings all,

I'm not sure of the accuracy of this news item, but for what it's worth
I'll pass it on.
This information comes from the Internet news service provider, Morrock.

 --73 Dan NN0DJ--

> ****************************************************
> *    M O R R O C K    N E W S    S E R V I C E     *
> ****************************************************
>      Monday :: June 1, 1998 :: Email edition  
> * MIR SYSTEMS STILL SHAKY: Russian space officials
> said cosmonauts replaced a failed computer Sunday
> aboard the space station Mir, but more computer
> problems are reported today. If they can't be solved,
> Tuesday's scheduled launch of the Discovery space
> shuttle will be postponed. Discovery is to make  the
> last U.S. shuttle flight to Mir, bringing home
> astronaut Andy Thomas. . . . The space community is
> turning full attention now to the multinational
> orbital station that is to be built beginning in
> November, after a year's delay caused by Russia's
> financial woes. The station is set to begin operations
> by 2004, after at least 43 flights to carry parts into
> orbit.