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Nominations for AMSAT BOD

Call for Nominations - It is time to submit nominations for AMSAT NA Board
of Directors.  AMSAT member  societies or five individual members may make
nominations of fellow members to serve a two year term.  Three seats on the
seven member board must be filled this year.  Those board members whose
terms are expiring are Keith Baker, KB1SF,  Tom Clark, W3IWI and Andy
MacAllister, W5ACM.  Please be sure that anyone you nominate understands
that meeting attendance is necessary.  There are generally two meetings per
year (Spring and Fall).  Nominations should be marked Board of Directors
Nomination and sent to:  AMSAT, 850 Sligo Ave #600, Silver Spring MD 20910
and MUST arrive by June 15, 1998.   

Martha Saragovitz
Corporate Secretary