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RE: NASA 2-line elements and year 2000


Last year all current developers of amateur tracking software went
through a number of year 2000 compliance tests. Only those that passed
the tests are now currently being offered for sale by AMSAT. For a
complete list of Y2K safe software look at the software list on the
AMSAT-NA web site. From memory I know that the following software will
work fine:

The Station Program
InstantTrack (you may need a patch from the website)

The kep format will not change, I guess NORAD are just delaying the
problem until 2057. The problem that can occur is that the keps may be
non-leading-zero in the year field, i.e. " 1" instead of "01", this may
bomb some software as well.

Paul, VP9MU

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From: Edson Pereira [mailto:ewp@uranus.healthnet.org]
Sent: Sunday, May 31, 1998 11:51 AM
Subject: NASA 2-line elements and year 2000

Does anyone know if the NASA 2-line elements will work after the year 
2000? Currently it uses two digits to represent the epoch year. The 
source of most keplerian propagators adds 1900 to the epoch year to get 
the year in the right format. If the epoch year turns to 100 after 99, 
things will be fine. If not, things will break badly.


-- Edson, N1VTN