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AO-27: Worked!

Thanks to Roger Snyder pointing out that I had my time set wrong, (I was
UTC -5 instead of UTC-4 as is correct for EDT) I heard and worked AO-27
at approx 1210 EDT Sunday! Stations heard were in Greenville, SC and
Colorado. I heard my callsign acknowledged once, but couldn't copy the
other call. Did anyone on the mailing list hear me?

Jeez...is that sat busy! Seems like one station was actually trying to
carry out a QSO...signal is much too weak and channel too busy for that

I got a recieve sig. of about s1...is that typical?

Maybe next I try a weekday pass.

Thanks for all the help, guys. I was about to ask if there REALLY was a
satellite up there or if this was a joke. <grin> (Just kidding)

Steve Diggs, W4EPI