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CCI 2m 300W amps

I have received a number of requests for info on these amps.

The story is:
- Communicaton Concepts Inc sells a range of solid state amps for HF & VHF
use; mainly kits, but some wired & tested; also components
- http://www.communication-concepts.com/
- Contact Information

   Postal address 
        508 Millstone Dr. 
          Beavercreek, Oh. 45434-5840 
   Electronic mail 
        General Information: cci.dayton@pobox.com
        Webmaster: cci.dayton@pobox.com
Also see their ad in QST

Many of their amps are based on Motorola application bulletins.

My experience with them has been the purchase of kits for their 35W & 75W
2m amps. Both worked well for a number of years, & survived the usual
amateur abuse, although neither gave the "typical" output power.
(could have been me, or the design, or just that the specs were too

CCI staff have always been helpful in supplying me with catalogs & copies
of Motorola application bulletins.

My original question still stands, as to whether anyone has built their
AR313 (28volt) or AR305 (50volt) amps, & has comments about the output
power at 2m, & any need to operate at lower voltages in case of high SWR
(nominal 300W, but derated for sure at lower operating voltages).

CCI have a 1kw 2-50Mhz amp in their catalog (AR347). Unfortunately the
MRF154 FET pair is priced at $904.00, & has been for some years. 
I have been waiting for this price to drop, but maybe I am dreaming in
color ??

Rod Adkins, VE3INE/W6
San Diego