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Satellite Antenna Software Question

Hi Folks,

Please forgive this question as it is On Subject of Satellites, (Joke).

I wonder if anyone could point me in the direction of any Antenna Design
Software. I am looking for a software suite to design a set of static
satellite antennas as backup to my current system with the hope that the
software will be able to show an end product on screen with a Wave patten
before I start to make the actual beast. Any type of software based on Dos,
Windows 95 or even Windows NT 4.0 would be ideal.

My aim is to design a totally new type of antenna which will provide coverage
of a full pass of a LEO satellite, but also address some of the problems of
higher speed satellites like the new TMSat-1 and upto hopefully 1 or 2Mb data
rates. My second aim is to make it Man/Woman porable for field or home use. So
any help in finding this software, commercial or Amateur would be of great

Many thanks in anticipation, and I look forward to receiving your replies.

Chris J Dixon