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Re: Sats for everyone at FieldDay!

Just like to remind those that are not use to working satellites...
If you can't hear youself on the downlink your might be interfering 
with other people who hear you but you don't hear them...73 and
have a good time  


On Sat, 30 May 1998 09:48:46 -1000 ted@hawaii.edu (ted Brattstrom)
>There is also no more frustrating time to work the satellites than 
>All the people who have never worked the birds are trying, and failing 
>find themselves.
>FD isn't the time to try a new mode on the birds, but it is a Great 
>Time to
>demonstrate them to others....
>eg. - 2 FDs ago I demo-ed AO13 and AO10 to some hard core HF-ers.... 
>were impressed!!! and had a fun time listening to themselves.
>    - I tried RS12 mode K for the first time... (low class license at 
>high class for FD....) since I hadn't done it before, I blew the 
>chance I
>had to work a station who heard me. (I didn't make THAT mistake again)
>    - I was on RS10 - and spent an entire pass calling CQ as all the 
>trying it out for the first time were busy not finding themselves .... 
>of dits and swishing...
>    Last FD - we went with some HTs, beam antennas,and made a couple 
>quick contacts on AO27 - Hawaii to California and to another FD site 
>on our
>SO, Please, make sure you practice before you go out and clutter it 
>all up
>:-) :-)
>But, yes.... I've worked portable, 2M beam propped on a chair or 
>from a tree... 70cm beam propped on another chair  (wooden or 
>10M vertical put up somewhere.... hand held antennas and more...
>73 and listen for us.... WH6CZB (probably) in BL01  and if you are in 
>state I need, I'll work you with my own call too :-)
>aloha - ted - nh6yk
>>There is no easier time to work the AMSATS than FD.  No preamps, no 
>>amps, no rotators and no complex hardware.   Just set up your rigs
>>barefoot in middle of a field.  Run 10 feet of coax to the beam 
>antenna of
>>your choice, get someone to hold and point the antennas and work em.
>>Most of the usual complexity of working the Oscars is because we want 
>>run them from our shack in A/C comfort so then we run 100 feet of 
>coax, so
>>then we need preamps at the antenna, and power amps to make up for 
>>loss.  THen we need AZ/EL rotators to remote control the antenna, and 
>>tower to put it on because our shack is not in the middle of a 
>>At FD, think basics.  For a 10 minute pass, anyone can hold the 
>>de WB4APR
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