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Sats for everyone at FieldDay!

There is no easier time to work the AMSATS than FD.  No preamps, no power
amps, no rotators and no complex hardware.   Just set up your rigs
barefoot in middle of a field.  Run 10 feet of coax to the beam antenna of
your choice, get someone to hold and point the antennas and work em.

Most of the usual complexity of working the Oscars is because we want to
run them from our shack in A/C comfort so then we run 100 feet of coax, so
then we need preamps at the antenna, and power amps to make up for the
loss.  THen we need AZ/EL rotators to remote control the antenna, and a
tower to put it on because our shack is not in the middle of a field....

At FD, think basics.  For a 10 minute pass, anyone can hold the antenna...