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Any Luck with AO-27?

Today, 5/30/98 at 1115 local (GMT -5) there was an excellent AO-27 pass
down the Eastern US...and I didn't hear a thing! Rig is an ICOM Z1A with
a brandy new Arrow Antenna purchased at Dayton. I'm using Nova for
Windows for tracking...using new Keps from Ray Hoad...and just synced up
my clock using D4. I was listening on 437.92 and 437.925..nothing at all
heard. I've seen the postings that this is a difficult bird to
hear...what else do I need to try?

As I understand it, AO-27 is only active on daylight, weekend passes. ??

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Steve Diggs, W4EPI
AMSAT Area Coordinator - Atlanta, GA