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Greetings to all,

I just worked an FO-20 pass at 0350 UTC, 5-30-98.  We are currently in a
position where this bird is at the highest point of its slightly
eliptical orbit.  Therefore the footprint is super and the pass time is
close to 20 minutes.  The above mentioned pass covered my QTH (DN84kq)
and much of Western Europe.  Alas, not a single answer to my numerous
CQs.  (Both CW and SSB.)  Down link signal was very copyable on both CW
and SSB even though the pass only peaked at 13°.  I will be QRV on the
comparible pass tomorrow.  Anyone want to give it a try with me?  My down
link freq. is 445.866 and the up link for me is at about 145.935, plus or
minus the doppler.  I'd really enjoy working Europe on this LEO bird. 
Thanks for the bandwidth.  73  Frank,  KØBLT

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