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Re: Sective coding signals

Hi Erdinc,

These signalling standards are commonly used in commercial VHF and UHF
systems here in Australia.  I've never seen them used in amateur work
though.  You can use a CML FX803 and write your own software to do the
encoding / decoding, or buy an off-the-shelf unit which you can drive from
an ASCII terminal.  There is a company in VK3 called Sigtec which makes such
a unit.  I've used the P1800 before, however they have a range of products.

Hope this helps,

73 Chris VK6KCH

At 18:50 29/05/98 +0300, you wrote:
>Dear friends
>Does anyone know the following selective calling signals standard and
>their encoders, I'm looking for an instrument for decoding and
>generating this signals
>Erdinc Oguz (TA2BM)
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