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Re: CI-V & Seria Ports

I use the interface described in the July 1992 issue of QST, pages 37 & 38.  It
is very simple -- only four transistors, two diodes, a hand-full of resistors
and a capacitor -- no chips.  It works fine.
Mark D. Johns, K0MDJ (formerly WA0RGV) Cedar Falls, Iowa     EN32sm
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John Breland wrote:

> I need some feedback regarding CI-V interfaces.  Anyone out there have
> experience with CI-V interfaces from different manufacturer's?  I have a
> single-unit interface from a company called RT Systems in Huntsville,
> Alabama, but it seems to be "quirky".  Sometimes it "works" and sometimes
> it does what it "wants to".  It is also more difficult to use on some of my
> radios than others, but not necessarily just the Icoms.  I am not certain
> if it's the interface or something I'm doing wrong, so I need advice on a
> rock-solid unit to purchase next.