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K7UGA Recollections?

Hi all --

As you've probably heard by now, Barry Goldwater, K7UGA, "The Senator from
Amateur Radio," died today at age 89. The Associated Press reported the news
as being announced by his wife, Susan, in speaking with KTAR Radio in Phoenix.

I am planning to run an obituary in the next available issue (August) of CQ
VHF. But since it won't hit the newsstands and subscribers' mailboxes for
another 5-6 weeks, the Senator's passing will be "old news" by then. So what
I'd like to do is collect any personal recollections of hams' dealings with
Sen. Goldwater, either in person on on the air (or by mail, for that matter),
with a particular focus, of course, on VHF and above. If I get a sufficient
response, I will put excerpts together in an article. 

If you've had any direct, personal, ham-radio-related, dealings with Sen.
Goldwater (including on-air contacts of note; and especially anything VHF-
related), please write them up BRIEFLY and e-mail them to me at 
<A HREF="mailto:CQVHF@aol.com";>CQVHF@aol.com</A>. Please include your full
name, callsign and address (snailmail, not e-mail) and please send DIRECTLY TO
ME, not via a reflector (I don't want to use up the bandwidth). I need this by
early next week, if at all possible.

Many thanks in advance to all.

Rich Moseson, W2VU
Editor, CQ VHF