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Tsikada info

For those who might be interested...

Have a look in your 1996 AMSAT-NA Proceedings (Tucson)
for WA4WDL's paper "A Time Code Reader/Display for Russian
Tsikada Satellites".

Briefly, the Tsikada satellites transmit AFSK - a 7 kHz
second marker, followed by NRZ-encoded telemetry (time
and other stuff) using 3 and 5 kHz tones. Sounds like a
job for some sound card DSP, or some simple tone decoders,
a microcontroller and an LCD. The time is Moscow standard
time, UTC + 3.

You can get Keps from all the usual sources, or just leave
a receiver on 150.0 MHz and wait for a pass - it won't take
long. Please try this before sending me email questioning
whether these satellites are for real.

BTW: you may have difficulty finding the colloquial term
"glubyeshnik" ("KGB agent") in your English-Russian
dictionary, since slang of all kinds was frowned upon in
Soviet times. It comes from the joke version of the
acronym KGB, Kontora Glubokogo Buryeniya, "Office of Deep

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