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Re: FT-736 Slow output.

David Feldman wrote:
> Hard keying will fix it for sure. Otherwise you might try a length of
> coax between radio & amplifier (the preamp in the brick will overcome
> any losses there) to reduce the momentary open-circuit SWR's impact.

I replied to the original poster with a similar reply as yours..
However, I would offer that hard keying does not fix it for sure...
I have always hard-keyed external amps and preamps connected to the
-736, and have always had the problem!

What fixes it for sure... is to do a mod to the -736 such as is
suggested in OH5IY's MSSOFT meteor scatter software package.. which
installs an additional delay between the time the -736 is keyed
and the actual RF finally comes up.  This delay allows the external
relays to make the switch before any RF goes up the pipe which might
be reflected back to the overly sensitive foldback circuit.

Also, external amps with PIN diode switching fix the problem... but
they are pretty rare.

Finally, the sensitivity of the foldback circuit can be adjusted.
I don't have the service manual handy but there have been other
discussions of this topic on this list and the VHF reflector where
those details have been revealed.

73, Chris

Chris Elmquist, N0JCF