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RE: Icom CI-V Addresses

This is mostly correct.  The CT-17 has four connections for radios but you
can use y-adaptors (from radio shack if you like) to chain many radio off
the same connector on the CT-17.  I have run as many as 6 off the same
connector without a problem,  At some point you will hit an electrical limit
on the drivers used in the CT-17 but I don't know how many radios that is.
The ICOM ARCP program for windows 95 has run those 6 radios at the same time
from the same port as well as an IC-821 via a TCP/IP connect some 600 miles
away, again all at the same time.  Talking to many ICOM radios on the same
port is just a matter of good software.

  If you change the C-IV address in the radios you can have many of the same
model as well, for example, you could have an IC-970, R-8500, several
IC-821s, an R-10 handheld, several IC-706MKIIs etc all on the same RS-232
port, as long as only one program is using the port.

- Michael

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> >Now, does anyone know how to communicate with more then one Icom
> >radio at the same time utilizing the same serial RS232 port under
> >Windows 95?
> Using the CT-17 interface you can control up to 4 radios from
> a single port.  Simply preface the command with the target radio.
> If you have two radios of the same model, I think you can set
> new (non-default) addresses on most Icom rigs, either via
> dip switches (older) or software.  Thus, for example, if you
> had two IC775's, you could leave one at H46 and set the other
> to H47.
> (I think)
> Hans, K0HB
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