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Computer control of IC271E, IC471E

Hello all

I have an IC271E and IC471E and want to control these by computer.  The
rigs have provision for an optional computer control board, about 40mm x
50mm in size, and a slot in the back of the rig for a DB25 connector.
The manual makes no further reference to this accessory.

I have been following the thread about CI-V control, and have got a lot
of info via www about homebrew CI-V to RS232 converters, but I can't
find the CI-V port on my rigs.  I guess therefore it is provided by the
add-on board.  The manual also shows a picture of a CCV board, which
connects between the logic module and the VCO module, and says it's only
present in the 271A/471A.  Is this the computer control board?

Can anyone give me some information on this board?  

How does it connect to the existing logic in the rig and what does it
do?  I have been 'snooping around' with a 'scope and I can find a couple
of places that look like a parallel I/O port, ie 8 lines whose TTL
levels change as you rotate the tunimg knob or change modes, but nothing
that looks remotely like serial data.  Is the board a serial/parallel

Are there any of these boards still available, and if so how much do
they cost?  If Icom charges $150 or so for something you can make for
$5, I hate to think what this would be worth!

Any information will be gratefully appreciated.

Phil Heath