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May 30 New England Balloon Launch / W1AW HF net control

                        SkyQuest 2 Radiosonde
A ham radio equipped weather balloon will be launched between
1:00 and 1:30 PM EDT (nominal 1:15 PM), unless adverse weather
interferes, from the upcoming National Weather Service Open House
on May 30 in Taunton, Massachusetts (southwest of Boston).  In case
of a postponement, we'll try Sunday,  May 31.
The SkyQuest hamradiosonde can be heard on home scanner radios and
VHF ham radios on the 2 meter band at 145.61 MHz FM. It should
be *real* easy to hear all over eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island,
southern New Hampshire, and northeastern Connecticut.  After gaining
some substantial height I hope amateur radio operators with more
sensitive receivers, such as AMSAT people :), will be able to hear the
radiosonde from as far away as southern Connecticut, New York, New
Jersey, Vermont, northern New Hampshire, and Maine.  Maybe even parts
of eastern Canada at peak altitude.
HF net control starting 1:00 PM Saturday on 3.860 MHZ from
1.5 kilowatt W1AW in Newington, CT.
Hank Riley
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