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Re: FT-736 Slow output.

Sure that's an easy one.

When your amp is on line, and you key up the radio. The radio see's for a
second a high SWR, until the amp gets up to speed, so the radio cuts back
it's output. Yeasu should have known that.  And when the amp is not on
line, there are no relays and such to cause the high SWR, so the radio goes
right to full output.

73 Dave

At 07:59 PM 5/28/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I stumped Yaesu tech support with this one.. I'm currently using an Ft-736
>with a Mirage B 3016 G amp.
>When the amp is off line, the transmitter (2 mtrs)achievs full output power
>at the normal rate. When the amp is 
>online, it takes about a second for the transmitter to achieve full output
>power, and doesn't increase at a constnat rate. .Any ideas out there ??? 
>Thanks   Ron  kg2jd..
       J. Dave Mayfield KB9BNR