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New Gizmos - unclassified

This is NOT a sales pitch.
But, I've been reading an overtly sales-orientated trade mag that comes my
way and found some interesting new gizmos that others might like to

HP has a line of PLL gear. A recent announcement is a 3V PLL synthesiser
"to complete the four-chip IC set that provides all the active radio
functions needed for several wireless applications in the 1.5-2.5GHz

The HPLL-8001 is intended for use with an external VCO and the dual modulus
prescaler contained as part of HPMX-5001 (a 1.5-2.5GHz up/down converter
with a half-rate VCO with a 32/33 dual modulus prescaler, at +2dBm, down
conv. gain 14dB, 10dB noise figure). Programming is over a 3 wire bus. Only
4mA op. current. Intended for DECT, WLAN and PCS applications...

HPMX-5002 IF mod/demod includes VCO, prescalers, phase freq detector,
downconverter to 2nd IF, limiting amp chain, data slicer and received
signal strength indicator (RSSI) with >75dB range.

HPMX-3003 LNA/switch/PA is a GaAs IC with LNA (2,2dB NF, 13dB gain @ 2GHz),
T/R switch (55dBm 3rd order intercept point) and PA with +27.5dBm output
with 23.5dB gain (at 3.6V).

Trimble's Lassen-SK8 module... embeddable board... which appears to be only
about 5 times as long and and about 2 times as wide as an 'F' PCB edge

The new power supply trick is 'ferroresonant' supplies, using a transformer
that works in saturation with a capacitor-inductor (transformer) resonant
circuit that is resistant to transients.

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