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Re: FT-736 Slow output.

>I stumped Yaesu tech support with this one.. I'm currently using an Ft-736
>with a Mirage B 3016 G amp.
>When the amp is off line, the transmitter (2 mtrs)achievs full output power
>at the normal rate. When the amp is 
>online, it takes about a second for the transmitter to achieve full output
>power, and doesn't increase at a constnat rate. .Any ideas out there ??? 

It's easy problem and the tech should have caught it...

The brick amp takes some number of milliseconds to switch from RX to TX
mode, and when it does the switching, momentarily your radio sees an open
circuit. The SWR foldback circuit grabs it, and in the 736 there is a fast
attack/slow decay behavior.

I bet you're seeing this problem on CW transmit but probably not on SSB,
or at least not consistently on SSB.

Hard keying will fix it for sure. Otherwise you might try a length of
coax between radio & amplifier (the preamp in the brick will overcome
any losses there) to reduce the momentary open-circuit SWR's impact.

73 Dave WB0GAZ dgf@netcom.com