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FEC and new digital protocols

I have enjoyed reading the informative posting on this list.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of this hobby is our ability to tinker
with stuff until it works in all the thousands of ways that we can imagine.
Computers and DSP open up a whole new aspect to that tinkering, because now
we don't even have to know how to solder to experiment with new methods of
transmitting data or decoding it.  I would to ask the list where programs
are available to transmit and receive FEC data and to modulate it with
simple equipment.
I am excited to start tinkering with communications on P3d, but I have seen
little in the way of actual programs that we can use terrestrially to
transmit or receive advanced protocol data over say, a sound card and a
modest pc.  Is this asking too much?  Is it possible to even think about
doing, say, QPSK or some other modulation scheme totally on a computer and
sound card?  It would have a magnificent impact on the use of amateur
satellites in the future, and perhaps even today.

I have been to Phil Karn's web page, and I have downloaded the FEC programs,
but from what I can tell, it simple mods and demods a data stream.  I would
more than happy to help development, but I'm afraid I can barely program my
way out of a paper bag.  Maybe I'll pick up some assembler manuals somewhere
. . .

73 de David, W9OFA