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Re: Icom CI-V Addresses

Boza, Tom wrote:
> Now, does anyone know how to communicate with more then one Icom radio at
> the same time utilizing the same serial RS232 port under Windows 95?
> NE7X...
> IC-756   50
> IC-820   42h
> IC-821   4C
> IC-775   46
> IC-706   48
> IC-707   3Eh
> IC-R8500  4A

Tom, I've not done this myself, but I believe that you are 
supposed to be able to daisy chain them off the same 
serial port.  the CI-V is actually a networking 
protocol.  Each command contains and source and
destination address so the redios should only respond
to the commands that are addressed to them.

73, john W2FS